The Lookeen® for is a Plugin, which allows every user to through emails, attachments and contacts. The big advantage of this Add-In is the enormous speed while searching for keywords. Even advanced operators are supported. To use this Plugin, has to be installed on the computer!


Most Outlook users have different Personal Files, exchange stores or additional archives to be searched through. If the user is looking for an item without the help of Lookeen, he has to search every single by hand. Searching through huge data-collections is exhausting, makes big demands on resources and costs a lot of time. Lookeen Search indexes itself with every single file in the user’s Outlook account.

Searching, rearranging and organizing – even the largest amounts of data can be managed easily and quickly. This Plugin is able to handle up to 100GB of data. The concept of creating the high-performance makes it possible! The user is able to important information within a short period!

For companies the “Enterprise Edition” includes the Central Indexing of centrally used Outlook data or network files – called “ Index”.

The advantages are:
– It reduces the traffic on different exchange-servers and within company-networks.
– It is preserving the user’s processor time.
– It saves a lot of working time.

Trial Version

Feel free to download the trial version of Lookeen® Search (The size is about 10 MB).
This trial is not restricted in functionality but in time (It includes all functions like: shared network drives, archived PST files and Exchange public folders).
After 14 days, either a license has to be bought or the program has to be uninstalled from the computer (All Lookeen® Search-Options are no longer active).


Lookeen is compatible with the following products:

– Outlook 2003, , and Outlook 2013
– Exchange Server 2003, Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010
– Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Download (7,63 MB)


The Lookeen® Search for Outlook is available in three different versions:

– Standard version (Outlook Search, File Search, Exchange and Public Folder Search)
– Business version (Group Policies (GPO))
– Enterprise version (Shared Index)

Each version is a Per-seat license.
The Business version includes, additional to the Standard version, “Group Policies”.
The Enterprise version includes the complete Business version and “Shared Index”.


With Lookeen, it is not “searching“, it is “finding”!

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